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Y-Axis Wipers, Less Chips in the Base

By far one of the most things I dislike about the the Sherline mill is the lack of leadscrew covers to protect the Y-axis. For now, I have added leadscrew wipers to keep the chips out of the nut and inside the Y-axis base. This is a spin off of Sherline tip# 17, thanks Larry (click HERE to see many other great Sherline tips too). Reason it's modified is to prevent the loss of any axis tavel.

After removing the base, I drilled the largest possible hole about 3-4 mm deep with a hand drill. This is the rear of the Y-axis base.

I cutoff a piece of rubber from a washer and shoved it into the hole. Here you can see a piece of the washer in the hole and the full rubber washer too. It's a nice tight fit.

I turned an aluminum "retainer ring" to keep the rubber ring in the hole. I simply made it "just the right size" so the fit is very tight. A tiny amount of blue Loctite helps hold it in!