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Protech Shogun (Zoom) 400

Wow, so much as changed since the last time I wrote about this helicopter. Brushless motors, ECS, servos, batteries, chargers and 2.4! When the Shogun first came out it was one of the top designs, micros were just coming in as Lipoly battery and brushless motors were more available and becoming more affordable. Berg recievers were great, people used deans mini antennas, and the 3S packs were just over 10-15C.

This heli had a driven shaft tail but the gears would strip often, a race ensued to try and convert it to belt drive and basically two designs won. One, require quite a bit of modification to the frame and mine, did not. I was determined to figure out a way to make this work with the least amount of modifications needed. Below is a history time line on this. Everything is around June 2004 to Aug. 2004.

The heli was quite nice until the T-Rex 400 and than the 450 showed up. Add flybarless to the mix and you have one heck of a heli! I can’t imagine what the next 10-15 years (looking at the Blade mCPX right now) will bring.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty details of the modification but leave the pictures to do the talking. The heli has been discontinued for many years but the history of this modification, the heli and “the time” lives on. My enjoyment with this heli stays as I still have it in my pile of scraps. I still can’t part with the parts I spent so much time designing and making.

Just in case you are still interested in doing this mod, the parts are from SDP-SI and the part numbers are:


3mm Neoprene Fiberglass MXL 408 Grooves

3mm Neoprene Fiberglass MXL 412 Grooves

A 6Z16M408030

A 6Z16M412030 (One I am using)

10T Pulley

10T MXL 2 Flange with hub, polycarbonate

A 6M16M010DF6003

36T Pulley

36T MXL 1 Flange, no hub, polycarbonate

A 6M16M036SF60