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I had always read that servos motor are better than stepper but could not afford them when I started. I stuck with steppers on my CNC Mill but finally took the plunge and got servos for my CNC ROUTER. SO WHAT'S THE VERDICT? They are both good. Steppers will do the same job just as good as servos with some differences.

I have found in my experience:

• Servos move quicker and are much quieter

• I could run my servos at a much higher speed with the same computer and they did not stall anywhere near as much as the             steppers.

• You can stall a stepper all day but a servos (which is just like a motor) will burn out

• Servos run much cooler than steppers

One reason I really wanted servo motors was for the feedback to the CNC program. To my mistake, this is not exactly true. Servos will NOT stop or slow down as I was told-believed-or read if they skip or stall, the program just keeps going (just like steppers) and your part is instant scrap. I think however as of this update there are new boards available for feedback and probably newer gecko drives which might to this....if so go that route.

Finally, you will need different drivers for servos and steppers.

Servos or Steppers?

Here are Servo Motors, basically an electric motor with an encoder on the shaft.

Make sure to buy Bipolar Steppers

So what would I buy?
If I was converting a smaller mill like the Sherline I would stick with steppers but on a larger machine like the K2 I do think the servos are a better choice (they are faster). When I say faster I mean for jogging not cutting as you can only cut so fast and both servos and steppers can accomplish that. Both systems work just as well for precision.