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I hope by the time you are reading this Sherline has already incorporated this modification into their production models.

It is very easy to leave the Sherline mill or lathe ON with the speed control setting at low thinking it is OFF. I found myself thinking the lathe or mill was OFF only to realize days later that it was, in fact, ON. I also found myself changing tools with the equipment ON, again thinking it was OFF! Adding an indicator light is very easy.  

NOTE: Attach a 110v light directly to LARGE L1 and L2 (not small l1 and l2). That's it. Now when the lathe or mill is ON you will have a light to let you know. Quick, cheap, and most importantly, SAFE.

Be Safe - Adding an On/Off Safety Light to Your Mill and Lathe

- Highly Recommend this Mod -


Just buy a 110 volt indicator light from your local Radio Shack. They come in a number of colors, pick the color you like. Drill a hole in the plastic case and connect the wires directly to BIG L1 and L2 on the PC board.

Learn more about the ESC  which runs your motor

KBIC Electronics

Pssst... Touching little l1 and l2 turns the spindle off !! The ESC has a built in on/off.

Check out CNC4PC for awesome affordable boards to automate your spindle with G-Code and CNC.