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My RC History

MY FIRST AIRPLANE, a Great Planes PT-40

A Great Planes PT-40. Where it all started! Thanks to my brothers Ejaz and Zaig for helping me buy and build this. A HUGE "Thank You" to Victory King (Kickapoo Flying Field In Riverdale IL), for coming out on his time and teaching me how to fly. The plane was great! Excellent flier.

13 years old.  2-4-88

My 2nd plane!

A Great Planes Trainer 20. Overall it was nice but I think the construction or design of the plane could of been better. I don't think I needed this "middle" step to a low winger. The Great Planes Supersporter would of been perfect. It finally crashed when I lost one of my ailerons (I think one of the rods came off).


It finally crashed when I lost my aileron do to the rod breaking. 2-10-90

My 3rd plane!

A Great Planes Super Sportster 60. This has to be one of the best planes of ALL times! It flew great, construction was clean, and looks were clean.

 I would love to buy the 20 size if it was still availabe.


Here is my Super Sportster redone! Engine turned 90 degrees and a Pitts style muffler installed. Larger control surfaces and a whole new look. It flew just as well as ever! I was sorry to retire this aircraft.


My 4th plane!

 A Sig Kobra that I bought because I was to scared to fly the SS 60 (above). Little did I know the SS would be 100% easier to fly. Kobra flew for about 18 sec. (over 2 months of work) until it crashed and was destroyed.

It was fast; way too fast for me! (Man I had some hair!)

My 5th plane!

After the trauma of crashing my Sig Kobra in less then 18 sec, I went back to square one to collect my nerves :) I bought another PT-40 but put the .60 into it. Talk about over powered! I bolted the wings on, made it a tail dragger, and took out all of the dihedral. Back to the basics.

The 6th plane!

SIG Hummer, Never finished or flown.

My 7th plane!

 This is the first plane I built completely by myself. Zaig, my brother, was getting busy with other things :-( A Carl Goldberg Ultimate Biplane. This plane has not flown and probably never will since I don't think it was built well.  I used Coverite to cover this plane and soon found Monokote to be nicer.


My 8th plane!

Global Baby Birdie! What a blast to fly. Its tiny and I used a Cox TD .09 for it! This was one fun tiny airplane. Lost after aileron horn popped off, I forgot to put the screw back on :)


My 9th Plane! 

Great Planes Ultra Sport 40. A Great flying airplane! This was the first airplane I put retracts on and it looks "cool" on the ground and in the air. I hope to continue to fly this aircraft for many years. 6-15-92 (my b-day present)

The Ultrasport is going strong after 11 years!!

My 10th airplane!

 A House of Balsa P-51 Mustang (.20 size). Nice little kit, but I just never finished it. Its to bad, I bet it would of flown very well.   


My FIRST Scratch Built Airplane! (11th airplane)

An Extra 3.25! What a great design and GREAT performer! Its a little unstable inverted but can this thing snap! The handmade lettering took me forever but I loved the finish. I never finished the cowl I had planned for it. The TT .25 pro ran perfectly and started with a flick of the prop. Retired it hangs in the basement.

97' I think

My 12th Plane!

 It's a Great Planes Dazzler! I could fly this thing on idle all day long! I modified it, (a BalsaNova look alike) and it flew very nice. It would fly for over 25 min on a 4 oz. tank with a .46 engine on high idle! Can't beat that :) I sold everything with it to get enough money to buy the JR 8103 radio I use today.

97-98' ish.

NOT MY PICTURE. Please see www.lanierrc.com

My 13th Plane!

A Stinger 10 from Lanier. Never Finished. 

Don't even know where it is now.

My 14th Plane!

A GWS Formosa Electric. Awesome performance with vertical!

Cool little plane for $35! First flight, 6-5-04; 

Check it out HERE 5-4-04

My 15th Plane!

It's an awesome Fancy Foam Extra 300 and it is wild! 

Check it out HERE

My 13th Helicopter

It's a T-Rex and the parts are dirt cheap! This is the best micro heli I have had yet! Check it out HERE

My 14th Helicopter

An E-Flite Co-Axiel. The BEST beginner heli I have ever flown. If your just wanting to see what RC Helis are about this is the package! Cheap and it works. Great job E-flight

Scratch Built Airplane! (16th airplane)

A scratch built foamy cut on my cnc router. 39" span 6mm Depron

Wanna see more? Click HERE

My 17th Plane!

An Eflights Ultimate and it lasted about 1 min. Garbage is all I have to say. Well I guess I didn't let the glue fully set hehehe.

My 18th Plane!

A Great Planes Flatana and all I have to say is GARBAGE!

The building of this plane was a pain in the... It did fly well but not worth the build for me. 

I couldn't wait to crash it and put it to rest :) 1-12-06

Scratch Built Airplane! (19th airplane)

A mini 27.5" 3 mm Depron scratch built foamy. Flies great but 

there is other comeing on the way with mild mods. Want to see 

more or the file? Click HERE 3-18-2006

My 16th Helicopter

Align T-Rex 600. All electric and awesome. Check it out HERE


Many many more,,,, I just gotta keep up here :)