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Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 SE

Heli Raptor 90 SE

Engine OS 91 SZH with Muscle Pipe II Transmitter JR 8103 with 770 PCM receiver Pinion 10 tooth

Servos Cyclic/Collective Futaba 9252

Gyro Futaba GY-401 with 9254 servo

Rx Battery Fromeco 2400 Relion lithium-ion with Fromeco regulator

Blades SAB 710 mm (huge!)

Paddles V-Paddles

Tail Blades V-Tail blades, I think 105mm

*** First test flight (about 2 min long)

2-26-2006 ***

*** LIKES *** *** DISLIKES ***

Beautifully machined parts, the head is massive

The WORST manual I have seen!! Horrible, who wrote this and where are the missing pages??????

Parts fit well together, excellent looking kit Torque tube is incredibly difficult to get into the boom. Love the finishing screws and washers The bushings in the washout had to be turned about 1 mm each to remove the play.

Awesome, A- for fit and finish No main blades given, not even one set of woodies to break in the heli with.