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For over 4-5 years I had a large running list of CAM programs which many of you might remember. I tried each program, gave my positive and negative thoughts on it and attempted to keep up with their latest info, prices, and links. As you can imagine this was a daunting task.

Today as I overhaul my site (12-2011) I have decided (as my links page) that one should use Google or YouTube to find out more information than I could ever provide, post, or keep up with.

However.... There are some finer details about CAM programs which you should know about

• Download a demo version of the program and try it out, you may find it's not what you expected.
               Some programs are very intuitive and other very difficult to use based on vector or coordinate bases.
If your a student check to see if they have a student discount.

If they don't list the price assume it's anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+.

The Main Question I Always Receive (and still to to this day...) What Do I Use

Rhino 3D

By far the best CAD program I have used. I taught myself on Draffix CAD back in the day, then learned TurboCAD, learned a little of AutoCAD, downloaded and learned bits and pieces of every free CAD, and even tried SolidWorks. Rhino3D is hands down my favorite and the most intuitive program I have used.

Vectric Vcarve Pro

Hands down the best CAM Program in my opinion for V bits, 2D and general Fun machining. I have used MasterCAM, VisualMill, Millwizard, RAMS, Dolphin, VectorCAD-CAM and BoBCAD (both in my opinion the most difficult to use), Flashcut, Ace Converter (my first program) etc., etc. and Vcarve Pro is by far the best most favorite and most intuitive program to use! I simply love this program... I will say it again, I LOVE this program.

GRZ Software MeshCAM and MeshCAM Art
MeshCAM and their service is wonderful! The program is easy to use, has built in checkers, great graphics and is quick and easy. Great job Robert!

Artsoft Mach 3

What else could be said about Mach 3... about everyone uses it! The program has 90% more capabilities than I will ever need. In fact I wouldn’t mind a stripped down “hobby” version of this program. The program is flawless and runs the machines without a glitch but can be a bit confusing to setup. Don’t worry there are tons of videos and newsgroups on this program... everywhere. Other programs include TurboCNC and CNCZeus but just get what everyone is using.

Gecko Drives Motor Controls

While this is not a program, I have to add this here. If you can fork over the extra money for these you won’t be disappointed! They are simply awesome, small, compact, and easy to setup. Another thing I really like about them is they don’t require a fan for cooling.

P.S. The +5 comes from the computer, just tap into any +5 volt line.

Vectric Cut 3D

What more can I say, it is a Vectric product and I love there other stuff. One of the best and one of the easiest programs to use.  I don’t use Cut3D but assume it kicks butt.