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Making a Polycarbonate Fin Mount   08-29-04

After my Raptor 50v2 experienced traumatic earth deceleration, the fin/boom support mount exploded. Instead of aluminum I tried it in polycarbonate. Awesome!
Aug. 29, 04

Here is the stock, left over after making my router table mount. 9.75mm of pure polycarbonate, Sweet :)

The 2 flute endmill made butter of this stuff. Cutting this was literally a piece of cake.
Here you can see the lower piece being cut. Sorry for the lousy pics.
The pieces came out to 7.1 grams and fit very well.

I drilled and tapped for 3 mm socket screws. Almost done.  
Mounted with boom supports and fin.


   CAD 10 min

   CUTTING 10 min

   TAPPING 4 min

   TOTAL 24 min ish

Fitted on my Raptor 50 V2

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