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Some other stuff I’ve Made or Tried

Tahir Plaque   05-2002

This is a very early piece. A little plaque out of plastic practicing cutting speeds and optimizing G-Code. The plastic is double-side taped to a piece of wood which is also double-side taped to the mill. Given to my parents.

One of the FIRST things I made with my CNC setup.

Grinder Guide    06-13-2002

Grinding lathe bits precisely is tough! I made a grinder attachment using the stock tool post. I found the tool post would still deflect and an extra brace was needed. Currently I am using a White wheel with good results. However, the AL table and AL guide stick making it difficult to use this setup.

First Knurling     01-2004

I cut my first knurl and it was quite easy! I used a Dremel sanding drum (coarse grit) and put it on a simple spinning mount. I pressed the sanding drum to the aluminum as it was spun at a slow speed. Try it, its easy with aluminum!

Ophthalmoscope Holder    02-15-2006

I kept dropping my scopes and was afraid of them breaking. So I made a holder out of Oak. The
CNC Router did most of the work and then I finished it by hand using the router and router table. The standoffs are aluminum pieces cut from an aluminum arrow that I had laying around. Awesome!

Router Table     07-2003

Here is my router table almost completely made using the router! Completely made out of MDF 1/2" thick boards and plywood/counter top. I used a piece of polycarbonate made for routers as the insert. A light switch turns on/off the router and vacuum. Porter Cable router does the work.

Kitchen Island     07-2003

After finally buying a router and completing my router table it was time to try it out. I made this island for the kitchen with 3 drawers and slide in/out garbage holder. It came out great!

Cyclic Limiter Ring     03-07-2004

I cut this out of Plexi-glass. That stuff is tough! After reading about limiter rings, I finally understood why they are helpful.. Cutting pieces like this on the mill is a snap if the material is right.