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The Entire Reason I Broke Down and Started Learning how to Machine!    4-1-2000

The Reason I Broke Down and got the Machines!!
Parts for Collective LMH-110 Conversion ! (5-31-00)
Trying to make the Pitch Slider is WHAT BROKE ME down into finally getting my machines.
Now I can't imagine life without them :) 9 hours

This Piece Broke Me Down!

One of many very early attempts at making a smooth pitch slider for my LMH 110conversion, using brass, plastic and a Dremel.

Trying to make this pitch slider for the LMH collective project was what broke me down into FINALLY getting the lathe and mill! With the machines it was simple to make a beautiful slider like this one!

Here is my first attempt at a washout assembly for the LMH project. Made out of plastic with brass insert. All of this was made using CA and a Dremel.To the right, is the real version using the machines!  Around 4-00'

Here is the washout unit I made out of aluminum manually! It's a piece I am very proud. I don't even want to tell you how long it took me to figure out how to hold and machine this piece, not to mention the remakes! Ok, Ok, something like 15 hours...no joke! I learned a lot about machining...
it's tougher then it looks!

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