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You will need to get a saddle nut for this mod. First, grind the tip off, about 2-3 mm then drill/tap it lengthwise for a screw. Drill and tap the sliding nut also for another screw. The nut needs to be installed with the indentation for the ball towards the headstock. Make a 90 degree plate with enlarged holes and mount it. To compensate for backlash, turn the nut and tighten the screws. That's it! Adjustable backlash compensation and even better if your lathe is CNC.

A picture of it with the lathe assembled. Again, remember that you will need to grind the lever down a few mm so it does not touch the base.

Backlash nut and holder.

I have also added a backlash nut to the other axis. I bought the nut from Sherline, drilled a larger hole so it would fit in the axis and put it in. A screw with a washer holds it in place. Again, simple, cheap and adjustable.

Here is how my lathe looks. I figured a "Coke" lamp shade fit the bill :)

Here is my "control box." I have added a switch for a halogen 12V 35 watt light. A small power 110v power source runs it. I also Velcroed a holder for my Tommy bars, just a plastic case that one of the endmills came in. Also, you can see my Safety Light. For this VERY simple mod which could save your fingers Click Here.

I cut and super glued 2 Allen wrenches to the bolts of the tool holder and tailslide. Simple and quick!

I found a little bit of play around the handle of the tail slider. Not liking this I added a flanged bearing (6mm ID). To get the hole "perfect," I put a drill bit in the chuck and ran it through the tailslide. It's working perfectly and no play is noticed.

The original hole for the stop screw finally stripped and to keep it simple I just drilled and tapped for a new hole on top. Good as new.

My Manual Sherline Long Bed Lathe

Here is my manual Sherline model 4410 lathe. Overall I have been very happy with its precision, rigidity, and versatility. I personally found the "rocker" tool post a pain for most work and milled a new slot in my tool holder for "right on the spot" lathing. The 3-jaw chuck is wonderful and I hope to be adding an independent 4-jaw chuck soon. I also plan to buy the spacers so I can turn larger diameter parts

I Strongly suggest buying the LONGER bed lathe even if you don't think you need it right now

I received a quick-tool changer to review. Overall impression? Excellent! The machining quality is near perfection! How in the heck is it so nice? The parts fit beautifully and work together well. It's completely adjustable and you can mount up to 4 different tools with the kit. I hear it also works with the Sherline riser blocks but have not tried that out. A "CAM" locking action secures each holder and it works very well! Much better then I thought. I was thrilled to see the cut-off blade tool holder, very nice! The cut out is for 3/8" lathe bits, I think, but I use 1/4" and it has not been a problem. Just put them in, tighten the screws, adjust the tool height and your good to go. The tool holder assembly is larger then the Sherline so do plan some of your cuts ahead of time. Overall? Wonderful! The more I use it the more I like it. Thanks!

I see TS Engineering is no longer making this... But you can Check out how one is used by CLICKING HERE

it out here: TS Engineering Inc.

I started making a powershaft for the lathe. My goal was to be able to have the handle on the other side. While I am very proud of these early pieces the project was never finished.

Backlash Compensations - The Original Idea

I don't like that backlash nuts are not included on the lathe, especially if you plan to go CNC. Here is how I solved this problem.
This modification is the SAME for the Sherline Z-axis on the mill. To see that in more detail
Cick Here.