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Tiny Key Chain for Mother’s Day

A little late but finishing - 5th try

Here is the setup. I just clamped some wood on the gantry and screwed the AL to the wood. Worked well.

Here it is being cut. The wood was not perfectly flat (or the AL) and I had to hold it up a little on one side for some of the engraving.

NOTE: What I should have done was to use the machine to "flat" cut the wood before I mounted the AL to the work piece.

Here it is being cut. Its going great! The 1.58mm endmill made butter out of the AL.

I flipped over the key change to cut out a section for the picture. See how the machine was stopped, bit changed and started again below.

Here it is! A little buffing using #0000 steel wool. It is so darn cute I might have to make one for myself! The picture is as big as a quarter and printed on an inkjet printer. Just gotta get a real picture now.