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Thank You for Visiting! My Website is Designed to Help the Beginner to Intermediate Machinist  and Most Levels of RC Pilots!

   Welcome Again!

Thank you for visiting and
welcome back!!

Started back in 2000, I ventured into machining. Back then there wasn’t much information readily available for hobby type CNC. Especially what a beginner may need.

Times have sure changed since I started in RC and CNC . So much information can be found on Google, YouTube and parts on Ebay.

I hope you enjoy my ventures into CNC etc. Thank you again for all the kind words over the years about the site!


Much needs to still be done but the basics are here as I transistion to a new format on my site :) I’m am working on it…. Slowly :)

Remember all pictures are originals, please don’t steal my pictures, LINK to the pages instead.