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Tiny Gear Puller
Sure we could buy it for a few bucks but what fun would that be!

After almost destroying my Hacker Brushless motor (used on my Hornet 2 heli) trying to pull the gear off, I got smart. I made a dedicated gear puller. It's wonderful and works with ease! You can also buy one from GWS for about $10 bucks, and I highly recommend it.

Mine is, in general, a copy of theirs :)

Time, about 45 min.

May 1, 2004

I first milled a rectangle using 6061 aluminum. I followed up with a pocket and milled a slot though the piece.

Here you can see the hole that was drilled and tapped for a 3 mm Allen screw. The end of the screw was turned to 1.60 mm

Here is the other side of the piece. After I tapped the hole I mounted it (using the tap as a mandrel) and turned the piece.

Here is an assembled view with the slot rounded off

Works great! Now I can keep from destroying my motors :)