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Gear Cutting and First Gear    7-05-2004

My First Gear! I finally got fed up enough on the Shogun's tail gear stripping and decided it was time to learn how to cut a gear.
Overall it wasn't as tough as I imagined! It's all in the setup.

Date: July 5, 04

Gear Attachment Time 1 hour

Gear Time 2 hours

My first gear stripped in a "mild" crash but I have to admit I set the mesh on the loose side due to it wobbling. I cut another gear (25 min on this one) and it wobbled! What's up with this? I found having one setscrew pushed the gear on the carbon shaft. Cure, 2 opposing setscrews or glue the gear first and then push it opposite of the set screw as you gently tighten it down. Below you can see how the teeth of the 2nd gear were pushed to one side. Plastic stronger then aluminum? Or is it simply that Cutting Gears Is MUCH More Complicated than this... 6-7-04

Conclusion so far? Gears Aren't Strong Enough? Do I Know What I Am Doing??
(Hint: I think its the last one :)