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First True 3D Part

It's my first 3D part. I tried this out just for kicks. It was so cool watching the machine use the Z-axis for more then just plunging. I am not sure if I was more thrilled at the 3D part or using the ball endmill. I love the rounded corners.

Date: May 20,2005

CAD Time 15 min

CAM Time 5 min

CUT Time 47 min using a 4.50mm ball endmill  

Here is a picture of the propeller in MeshCam.  
The cutting has began. I used the tv try scrap for stock.
Here you can se the 3D action..really cool!  
Another picture of the part.
All done. Not exactly what I was expecting but still really nice. Now to make more :)

NEXT TIME: More detail to the part. Also cut out the part so you can see it easier. maybe a smaller endmill to show more detail.