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My Most Time Consuming Project to Date 2001

One of my First CNC Mass Produced Projects

These frames were also some of the first things I made with CNC. I must say it became a huge project and something I don't care to repeat.

Overall it probably took me 1 week spending anywhere from 3 to 10 hours per day to figure out exactly HOW to make this project come to life.

I had the idea in my head but NO CLUE how to put it to machining...

Problems I faced (other than not having a clue what I was doing!)

-The first problem was how to draw what I wanted in CAD

- How do I offset this (remember ACE Converter did not have offset back then)

-How do I exactly hold the plastic on the machine

-How do I make it so I can repeat the same program to make multiple parts

-What size endmill or cutting speed do I use


After a bag full of scraps, 2 broken endmills the frames started to come to life.

The end result was great but I don't plan to run this assembly line anytime soon :)