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MS Hornet Main Head Block
Scott wanted to know if a stronger head block for his Hornet 1 could be produced. I wondered too :) This was made before being available commercially. Drilling the 3 mm hole took the longest as the 3mm drill bit I had was actually 3.02mm! After grinding my own out of the shank I finally got it to work. The other holes for the pins are 1mm (.039") using a carbide drill bit. I have made 2 more for Jack, who was recommended to me from Scott :)
Thanks Scott and Jack!

EP Concept Pitch Slider Assembly
I made this for Pete who contacted me over the internet. He told me he has always wanted a metal pitch slider for his EP concept electric heli but none were available. These are pictures from him! He says it fits and works great! It is an aluminum pitch slider with a brass pin. He is "ordering" another.
Thanks Pete! 3-25-03

Here is another slider assembly for Pete!


Vinyl Cutting Blade Holder for Larken CNC (#1)
Marty contacted me after seeing my Vinyl Blade Holder and wanted one for his Larken CNC router. Here is the completed project. Anodized aluminum body with a steel insert for 1/4" collect. The blade pivots on 2 6x3x2 mm bearings...very smooth! Can't wait for him to try it out. Thanks Marty!

UPDATE: Marty wrote and said the holder works great and is able to cut through the magnetic material he wanted! Great News!!! Thanks Marty.

Limiter Ring for Airtronics Radio
Robert asked if a limiter ring, like the one shown, could be made for his Airtronics radio. Of course! He sent me excellent dimensions and the part was made in Plexi-glass. He reports it fits perfectly! Thanks Robert!

Aluminum Anti-rotation Pin
Ed wanted a custom made anti-rotation set to compliment his custom made Hornet 2. Here is the set with thread pin and holder. Very sturdy. Thanks Ed!

120 Degree Mount for ECO 8
Mike wants to try 120 CCPM on his Eco 8 and instead of buying a new swash wanted to convert his. Instead of the whimpy aluminum pin I made for mine, Mike's has a 1.95 mm carbon rod! Very strong and much better.
Thanks Mike! 5-14-04

EP Concept Pitch Slider Assembly (number 3)
Paul contacted me after speaking with Pete and wanted an aluminum
slider for his Kyosho EP Concept. Of course! Here it is
after being polished. Thanks Paul!

Mark is going to make his Shogun 400 into belt drive also and
wanted to know if I could make him one of my custom belt guides.
Of course! Here it is. Thanks Mark! 8-8-04

Tailboom Servo Mounts
Keith liked the mounts I made for my Shogun 400's tail servo mount and wanted a set of his own. I must admit his came out much better then mine! What's up with that :) Here they are and only 1.3 grams together. Thanks Keith!

Vinyl Cutting Blade Holder for Homemade CNC (#2)
Bruce was wondering if a Vinyl Blade Holder could be made for his homemade CNC. Yep! Here is the completed project next to one of the blades.
Thanks Bruce 6-9-04


Vinyl Cutting Blade Holder for Homemade CNC (#3)
Jim asked for a Vinyl Blade Holder for his CNC too. I must admit, this one is
far nicer then the one I use :) Here it is! Can't wait for an Update
Thanks Jim 8-2-04

Antique Hinge
Here is my FIRST PAID part, a hinge made for a professors friend's antique chest. While I have not seen it in action, he says it fits and works great! This was the first time I had ever "countersunk" holes with any precision and worked with brass, how interesting! Thanks Jack for giving me the opportunity to learn.

Custom Made Parts for Others.
Here is a collection of things I have made for others.! Please note at this time I am retired and am not making anymore custom parts. Enjoy.

Here is one of the 3 other cancels I have made for other people. This one is for my very good friend Beth. I hope she love it!

As I was doing a major update on my site I found these pics! I had worked to make my ECO 8 flybarless and CCPM way before this was the norm.  

Mike contacted me wanting the same ring for his swashplate to do the same (CCPM). Way before CCPM had taken hold of the RC world.

Thanks Mike! I hope the part worked well on your Eco 8 Heli.