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Machine Enclosure

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I bought 4 sheets of 18x24" "Plexi-Glass" sheets at Home Depot for about $5 each. I also picked up 90 degree aluminum angle  for brackets. The back sheet is the full 18x24", the others are cut as shown in the pictures.

Here is the full enclosure as of now. I think I will add a white background to hide the wires. The front is hinged for access to the machine.

After I was almost done I totally forgot I needed a cutout for the stepper! Here it is after some work.

I bought an air blower for inflatable beds from Wal-Mart for $20. It's loud and I found most of the noise is from the intake. With some work, insulating it in a box (with sound proofing), it is working well.

Lots of Air out of this thing!


Idea scrapped, the thing is just to loud and is not meant to run for a long period of time.

I finally found an adjustable air hose locally.  3-2003

This is actually a "snake" type screwdriver extension for a cordless drill which I found at a wood working store. I removed the flexible metal rod that ran through it and mounted the plastic adjustable housing on the mill. Connected to the air pump and WOW, it's great! LOTS OF AIR! (Note: my belt is an "O" ring).

Here is my entire setup as of today. My table is made out of pine wood and I am going to add a second shelf and a drawer for extra storage...someday.
Pretty cool!


Finally, I have made an enclosure for my machine to try and contain those pesky aluminum chips! I am amazed as they get everywhere!
I have also added a blower to help keep the chips away from the endmill as blowing through a straw caused me to get light-headed :):)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my setup and are able to use some of the ideas to make your own!