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K2 KG-3925 Setup

  Suggestions on ordering (design has changed   so please not this if for when I ordered mine


- I would highly suggest getting 2 more cross   braces for the machine.

  It makes the base stiffer and gives you more   clamping room for pieces.

- Check into upgraded ballscrews

- The servos K2 have are very nice.
- Get the upgraded Z axis...don't mess around   with the regular one.
- Get the aluminum tabletop if you can.

More Setup pictures but running into some problems with K2 machining again!


KG 3925 gets Servo Setup!

-Thank you to K2 for sending me new mounts, wires and a bunch of screws at no cost!
-Awesome packing
-Great service! Awesome job K2
-Great Servos, silky smooth I love them... I love them!
-Excellent fit on the machine and mounts.

11-2011 Update on my K2 3925 Machine

I honestly have not done anything more to it... Y and Z axis are very nice, smooth and quite. The X axis is still quite loud and gritty... but that is just the way it is. The machine, for my purposes works well and I am glad I have it.