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Getting the K2 Router Ready for CNC

After many days and hours in front of the computer looking for parts and making many designs, I figured it just wasn't going to be possible to make the CNC router I wanted. It was determined by price, parts availability, time and actual construction. I opted for the K2 CNC router frame

Gecko 201 Drives. I finally bought some gecko drives and I am very excited to give them a try. Check them out at gecko drive. 3-3-05

Where is that COMMON WIRE ?

The "common" on my parallel port does not have the +5 needed. You can get this from pin 1 on the game port or one of the wires in the serial mouse.. Or diredly tap into the power supply (just pick a red wire and test it using a voltmeter (case as ground)


MPJA Supply 12-0-12 10Amp transformer, 400V 35Amp bridge, 3.5" 120V fan, 20,000uF 75V capacitor, Dynamic Surplus, Gecko Drives

I wired the 2 transformers in series using 24 volts from one and 12 from the other. After the bridge and capacitor you can see the voltage is at 52V.
My motors are 2.1 volt each so that is Just shy of the max 25 times motor voltage!


Here is the early tests of the Gecko drives, Mach 2, transformers and capacitor. Everything ran great and there was no smoke :)


Stepper Motor and Power Setup for NEMA 23

In Keeping with History.. I first bought a K2 2525

I was going to remove this from my site with the new major site update but decided in keeping with the history of my CNC I’d keep it in. I originally bought a K2 2525 (4-10-05) but due to such poor workmanship returned it. I was one of the first to get a K2 machine as the company started. My posts and pics stirred up a lot of controversy and publicity for K2... Good and bad. As K2 matured, they discontinued the ball bearing raced machine and have gone to linear bearings only.  Much as changed with K2 ! Good job guys!

My K2 KG-3925 Router Setup

I ordered a K2 3935 with slight modifications... Cannot wait to get it!     4-10-05


Nice size, 2x4 foot piece of wood fits perfectly
- Linear bearings seem to be of VERY good quality
- Looks nice, aluminum, general machining finish
- Router mount fits very well
- Leadscrew with acetal nut is excellent
- Upgraded Z axis is very nice
- Ron at K2 seems to be making great changes
- Love the Gantry style movement
- Multi-purpose machine
- Very good customer service (thanks Ron)

DISLIKES (Updated: 06/20/2007)

- No documentation is included. (UPDATE: Document is now included)
- Nook ballscrews don't come with wipers and are loud/gritty.
  (UPDATE: Nook ballscrews are not used anymore)
- Ballnut mounts are not machined well (UPDATE: New design shows no issues.)
- Poor shipping and packing of base (UPDATE: Now shipped in an all wooden boxes! Awesome!)

K2 seems to have made some major improvements to their machines! Good Job K2!
Please note I do not know the newest of machine from K2 or what they have now.... 3-05-10

Suggestions on ordering (design has changed so please not this if for when I ordered mine 4-27-05)
I would highly suggest getting 2 more cross braces for the machine.
It makes the base stiffer and gives you more clamping room for pieces.
Check into upgraded ballscrews

The servos K2 have are very nice.
Get the upgraded Z axis...don't mess around with the regular one.
Get the aluminum tabletop if you can.

Next: Lets see the K2 Setup !

K2 Setup Router