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          Here is my first part!! 7 hours of mind boggling work :):)
Here is my FIRST part ever made on ANY machinery! Its an aluminum pulley to replace the plastic one. I wanted to replace this for over 2 years but never did knowing someday I would buy these machines and try to make my own. It took me about 7 hours, if not more, to figure out what I was doing, how to use the machine, and finish this pulley. While I could easily have bought it for $9 (purple and with bearing!) nothing can replace my FIRST handmade part!!

First Part Every Made - Belt Pulley for my GPH 346 Heli     05-02-2000

Here is the beginning of it all! I used 2011-T6 aluminum I found at a local scrap yard. It came in an octagon shape and figuring out how to make it round just to hold it in the 3 jaw chuck was a project in itself :)

I just could not figure out how to exactly make the flanges (raised sides)! After playing around with the angles of the lathe bit I got them pretty close to 90º.

Here is the finished pulley next to the plastic one! I used a lot of WD-40 and a hacksaw blade to cut it off. While the dimensions are a little off it still works!

Here is the pulley on the tail of the Hirobo GPH heli. If I ever sell this helicopter there will be a few parts that I will take off and keep forever!

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